Three passions. Three niches. And I write for them all.

The name’s Mary, or Marie… whichever you prefer. I’m a London-based freelance copywriter and creative mind for hire. I join forces with businesses, agencies, web developers, PR’s and brands. Whether you’re looking to develop a kick-ass landing page or start a revolution, I’m your girl. I’ll help you find words that truly resonate with your customers, helps make a point and actually sells things.

If you want to hire someone who doesn’t just write “words” but also has a combination of passion and experience, then it’s time we worked together.

I have qualifications in media and journalism and for the past 4 years I have been writing copy for specialised SEO and digital advertising agencies. My passion for fashion and copywriting are equal, meaning that when I work with you, I’ll care just as much as you do.

If you really want to know what I’m all about, why not review my LinkedIn page?

Or check out my CV: Mary Abbott – Copywriting CV

Already sold on my services? Fabulous! Contact me here.


Good question! Here’s everything you need to know:

I charge according to your needs.

I only take on projects that I know I can deliver on, this way no one wastes their time or money. You pay only for the value you’ll get back and you’ll know exactly what you will be paying for from day one, project one.

If you have a particular project you’d like me to consider, I’m happy to provide some average price ranges upon request.

My day rate is £250.

If you’re number one priority is yielding an ROI, capturing an audience or reinventing your brand, then you’ll need someone with dedication, focus and flair. When you hire me for a day, your project will receive my undivided attention and I’ll have the time it takes to do my best work.


I’m English, but I work internationally.

Travelling is another something I love. If you’re reading this from abroad, you’ll be glad to know that as a freelancer, I accept international projects and payments too.

A 20% down deposit is requested for each project.

A lot of background work goes into the type of work I do, so this is a standard procedure. Plus, it means we can trust each other.

All prices allow for one major edit.

In the world of copywriting, editing work is something that must be included in the price and quite rightly so! However, if revisions become excessive (in excess of 2 hours) a small charge may need to be discussed.

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